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Through the kindness of our generous donors, the Bakersfield Catholic Education Foundation offers a number of scholarships to qualified incoming freshmen and returning students. Listed below are the scholarships available. 

Incoming & Current Garces Students

The Foundation has several scholarships available for families to assist them with the cost of sending a child to Garces.  Applications are available using the link above and are due back to the Foundation Board Scholarship Committee by February 16, 2024.  Notification letters for the incoming class for the 2024-2025 school year will be sent out in March of 2024.

In addition to the Garces Foundation General Scholarship, several families have established memorial scholarships.

St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship

Angela Bertano Memorial Scholarship 
Emily Bidart Memorial Scholarship

Brian Bock Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Boylan Memorial Scholarship
Patricia C. Brown Foundation Scholarship
Milan Caratan Memorial Scholarship
Corinne & Arnold Cattani Memorial Scholarship
Catherine & Alvin Cerri Scholarship
Dolores & Victor Cerro Scholarship

Margaret Reischman Cole Memorial Scholarship
Lou Evans Destefani Memorial Scholarship
Carl & Barbara Fanucchi Scholarship
Mary & David Fanucchi Scholarship
Lupe Lara Memorial Scholarship

Earl & Jane Leach Memorial Scholarship

Rev. Msgr. Patrick Leddy Memorial Scholarship

Mayie Maitia Memorial Scholarship
Dan & Sally Panero Scholarship

Dr. Mark Root Memorial Scholarship

Alvin G. & Barbara A. Sandrini Scholarship

Barbara Boylan Schager Memorial Scholarship
Catherine Ann Sill Memorial Scholarship
Brandon Wedel Memorial Scholarship

Gordon & Lynn Westhoff Scholarship

The minimum to establish a scholarship to assist with the cost of a Garces education is $25,000. If you are interested in more information about setting up a scholarship now , or through estate planning, please contact Lou Ann Durrett, Executive Director.

Available Scholarships: Programs
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