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Mary & David Fanucchi Memorial Scholarship

David & mary Fanucchi Family.jpg

When Mary Fanucchi passed away in 2003, the family shared that any donation made in Mary’s memory could be made to the Garces Foundation. When David Fanucchi passed away in 2006, the family again shared that donations made in David’s memory could be made to the Garces Foundation.  The children of Mary and David chose Garces as they knew how important Catholic education was to their parents. David and Mary made sacrifices to send their seven children to Garces.  They valued a Catholic education over luxury items and vacations. At times, there were benefactors who helped with the cost of tuition so David and Mary could send all seven children through Garces. Six of their seven children worked in Catholic education as teachers and administrators.

The Mary & David Fanucchi Memorial Scholarship was formally established in 2007 to assist a Catholic family who might need a little help with the cost of tuition. Through the years, additional donations have been made to the scholarship from family and friends in honor of the Fanucchi’s and their legacy in the Garces community. Since 2007, the scholarship has helped one or more families each year with the cost of tuition.


“My parents would be touched to know that what was important to them is being carried on through this scholarship.  They would be honored to pay it forward and to help families receive a Catholic education for their children.” – Barb Fanucchi Crear ‘71

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