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Alvin & Catherine Cerri Memorial Scholarship

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The Alvin and Catherine Cerri Memorial Scholarship was the wish of Al Cerri towards the end of his life.  Al and his wife Catherine were big supporters of Catholic education.  Along with running their family business, The Pyrenees Café, they lived their Catholic faith. It was the basic tenant of their family. They sent their three children to Garces – Deborah (Cerri) Leary ‘67, Michael Cerri ‘69, and Susan (Cerri) Buck ‘71. Eventually carrying on the tradition were grandchildren Anthony Leary ’95 and Joseph Leary ’95 and great-grandchildren Hunter Leary ’21 and Lauren Leary ’24. During the years their children were at Garces, Al and Catherine became very involved and continued to stay connected and supported Garces. When reflecting on his last wishes, Al shared with his family his desire to have donations made to the Garces Foundation. He knew that sending a child to a Catholic school is a financial sacrifice for many families.  He wanted any donation received in his memory to go towards forming a scholarship to provide a good Catholic family, with an average student, with some financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition. His wish is being honored every year through the scholarship in his and Catherine’s name.

“It is a legacy my father instilled in us.  He felt strongly that we should cherish a Catholic education as it is a gift. He would be so proud to know that a scholarship in his and my mother’s name helps to send a deserving Catholic student from OLPH to Garces each year.” – Deborah (Cerri) Leary ‘67

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