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Alvin G. & Barbara A. Sandrini

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Al and Barbara established a scholarship in the Bakersfield Catholic Education Foundation through a generous donation in May of 2021. The scholarship will provide tuition assistance to deserving students from either Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish or Christ the King Parish. Al and Barbara want to help those in our community who need financial assistance in order to afford a Catholic education at Garces Memorial. Al has a love for Garces and a love for education.  He knows firsthand what an education at Garces provides. Al and Barbara want to provide deserving young people that same opportunity.


Al graduated from Garces in 1957. After graduating, Al earned his BA in English at St. Mary’s College and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at CSUB.   Upon graduating from St. Mary’s, Al embarked on a lifetime career in education; first as a teacher, then as a principal, then as an assistant superintendent, and he retired as the Superintendent of Norris School District.   Al married his wife Barbara in 1971 and they are active members of St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton parish. Al served on the Garces Memorial Alumni Board for four years and has recently join the Garces Memorial High School Advisory School Board. Al and Barbara sponsor and attend many Garces events. Al was inducted into the Garces Memorial Hall of Honor in 2015.

“I know how much a Garces education does for someone. And I know there are a lot of kids at OLG and Christ the King who would come to Garces if they had some financial help.  We want to provide those kids with help to cover the cost of their tuition so they can come here and have a great Garces experience.”  - Al Sandrini '57


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